Products Manual

Aleana Hand Manual

How to use : After choosing the correct sizes of Basic Nail Tips for each finger, spray some IPA (70%) on the back of each tip. This will help to slide better when you insert the nail tip into the corresponding skin channel of the finger.

Push the tip of the nail tip as deep as it reaches into the canal, until you feel it firmly in place and ready for use. After you have finished with all the tips, you can perform any nail technique such as acrylic, gel, acrygel soft gel, press on, nail art, etc.

Practice hand is adapted for use under LED and UV lamp.

When you are done, simply remove the nail tips. Spray some water between the ends and the silicone for better sliding and easier removal.


Use soap and water (hot or cold) to clean the silicone surface. If the surface is very dirty, you can use a soft brush.

If necessary you can disinfect the silicone surface with isopropyl alcohol (IPA 70%)

For models with a built-in magnet, it is important to ensure that the magnet does not come into contact with water. Do not submerge the magnet in water, to clean the side where the magnet is located, carefully wipe the area with a wet wipe or damp cloth and dry immediately.

If the gel polish or the base etc. stains the surface of the silicone, simply clean it with nail cleaner.

You can also remove it from the surface after curing it under the UV/LED lamp


Do not bend the fingers in an abnormal position.

Bend the integrated reinforcement carefully, without making sudden repetitive or unnatural movements (flexion-extension).

Do not apply any type of oil (including skin oil) to the silicone surface. This will make the surface shine.

Do not cut the silicone especially in the pubic area. You can spoil the practice hand by doing this.

Avoid systematic repeated contact between the silicone surface and the file, otherwise you will destroy the lifelike paint and the outer layer of silicone.

If you are a beginner and don't get it right at first, we advise you to file the shape and tap the tip out of the silicone hand before placing it on the finger of the hand.

Hardware compatibility

Do not immerse the hand in acetone. This will deform your hand and make the silicone brittle.

You can clean the silicone surface with IPA(70%).

For any other questions please contact us.